Friday, May 23, 2008

Cango Caves Page now Available ...

I have finally completed the Cango caves page which can be viewed at Blue Water Cruising.

You will find the page under the "Where in the World - South Africa - Cango Caves" tab.

Here is an except from that page ...

Thousands of years ago, an intrepid tribe of Khoi San people which are divided into the hunter gatherer San commonly known as Bushmen and the farmer Khoi known as Hottentots (which today is considered offensive) wandered through the arid plains of the Little Karoo region, taking shelter in a large cave entrance which later became known as the "Cango Caves"

Many centuries later, in 1780, a colonial farmer named Van Zyl, dared to venture past the cave entrance, lowering himself into the unknown darkness.

From the muffled echo of his uneasy voice he sensed a cavern of breathtaking proportions, and by the dim light of a burning torch saw glistening shapes ...

Enjoy ...

Gavin & Lesley Slabbert

Blue Water Cruising
(Sail the seven Seas)



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