Sunday, October 26, 2008

Annapolis Boat show 2008

I have posted the Annapolis Boat show 2008 page which can be viewed at Blue Water Cruising Annapolis 2008 page ....

You will find the link to the page on the left side of the index page and there are tons of photos of catamarans to be seen.

Here is an excerpt from that page...

Well the 2008 Annapolis boat show has come and gone, and much to my surprise there were throngs of people all weekend. Boat sales from what I can gather from the salesman were brisk but down from last year, if the sales people are to be believed. I seriously doubt that there were a lot of sales but I do personally know of 1 as I happened to be present while the negotiations were going on. During the dealings I hear some serious concessions were made by the sellers as they too are feeling this market.
We arrived at the Show on the Sunday, went and confirmed our demo sails on the Lagoon 380, the Lagoon 420 Diesel and the Leopard 40. Though we have been leaning toward the ...

Enjoy ...

Gavin & Lesley Slabbert
Blue Water Cruising
(Sail the seven Seas)

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Admiral Yachts Factory visit

As planned I contacted David Bird of Admiral Yachts to discuss the possible purchase of an Admiral 50. When I arrived, David, the owner and managing Director was there and available to talk. David took us up to the board room where we were asked how we intended to use the yacht and what sort of plans we had. There was no sales pitch, and no pressure. David listened intently and after about 30 minutes of us describing our possible uses and everything in mind, David set to work straightening us out. He suggested that we look at the 38 ft or the 40 footer as he felt that the 50ft would be too large for our needs even though we intended to charter the boat after our 4 year cruise. He felt that we needed to look at a yacht that took care of our current needs rather than trying to find something that performed a task that we may or may not use. (In our case a chartering business). We then discussed the pros and cons of a 38 footer, vs a 40 footer, vs a 44 footer, vs a 50 footer. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each size yacht, how they sailed, the ease of sailing, speed, maintenance and upkeep. Lastly we discussed electric versus Diesel and put to rest our desire to buy a boat with electric motors.

Once David had answered all our questions, he personally took us up onto a 40 foot that was partly completed and pointed out the differences between the 38 and the 40. He showed us the basic layout. Let me preface this with the fact that Lesley and I had been to the Annapolis show and had been on board the Admiral 40 footer that was there. We did not like the layout and it turns out that the layout was custom for the owners of that boat and was quite different to the spec layout. Not only did David say that it the layout was different he showed us most of the differences.

Once we stepped up onto the 40 is was apparent that this design was very different to the version we saw in Annapolis. It was far more open, it had a larger galley and a larger lounge area. In fact it was really nice.

Once we were done with the 40 we climbed onboard the 38, where David proceeded to point out the differences between this hull and the 40 and why he thought that the 38 footer was the way to go for us, not the 40 or the 50.

David was honest and forthright, not at all forceful and did not perform any kind of sales pitch on us. In fact we walked in fully expecting to be told about what we asked and what we thought our needs were. What we found was someone who was not interested in selling us the most expensive boat he could, but rather finding a boat that meets our needs. Many times we were told that it was very possible that an Admiral Yacht may not meet our needs.

The important question is, will I buy an Admiral, right now the answer is a very definite YES. Am I doing to buy one, probably not, only because the man is so busy that he is taking orders and deposits for boats into 2010, with a completion date of late 2010 or early 2011. We intend to start this circumnavigation in November 2009 and there is no way for the boat to be ready for us in time to meet that timeframe.

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Blue Water Cruising
(Sail the seven Seas)